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premium - Rustic Collection

Our Rustic wooden range is entirely custom made in-house from recycled timber. The collection is complete with taco and market stalls, bars and food stations, even picket fencing and rustic menu boards.

All prices are in Australian dollars and inclusive of GST (damage waiver, delivery and collection fees are additional).
Please note that we have a minimum hire order of $250.

1.8m Taco Stand
incl. Food Station
3.6m Taco Stand
incl. Food Stations
Rustic Market Stall
1.8m wide
Rustic Produce Trough
80cm x 40cm
Tilt Stands
For Produce Trough

Rustic Wooden Bar
1.8m x .6m x 1.2m
Rustic Wooden Food Station
1.8m x .6m x .9m h
Rustic Coffee Table
Rustic, Square
0.5m x .5m x .5m h
Rustic Coffee Table
Rustic, Rectangle
1.0m x .5m x .5m h
Rustic Bench Seat
1.8m x .5m x .5m h
Rustic Pedestal
0.38m x 0.90m h
Picket Fence Post
90cm h
Picket Fence Panel
2.0m x 0.9m h
Rustic Menu Board
0.9m x 1.5m

Please note there may be some variations in product scale - refer to product measurements for actual size