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decor - Rustic Wood

All prices are in Australian dollars and exclusive of GST (damage waiver, delivery and collection fees are additional).
Please note that we have a minimum hire order of $250 

Wax Free Icon Place Settings is a wax free business. Our decor items are not to be used with conventional wax candles.

If hiring items require extra cleaning additional charges will apply. If hire items are damaged wholesale replacement cost will be charged.
  We offer a unique range of realistic flickering, battery operated candles for use with our decor items.
Wooden Crate Low
39cm x 36cm x 6cm
Rustic Produce Trough
80cm x 40cm
Wine Rack
.5m x 1m x 1.5m h $85.50
Wine Rack
.5m x .75m x .7m h
Flower Cart - Trolley
1m x .5m h
Flower Cart - Bike
1.2m x .7m h
Tray: .53m x .58m
Blackboard A-Frame
.5m x .6m x .96m h $59.50
Tin Tub Oval
74cm x 51cm x 39cm

Please note there may be some variations in product scale - refer to product measurements for actual size