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kitchen - Glassware - Riedel

All prices are in Australian dollars and exclusive of GST (damage waiver, delivery and collection fees are additional).
Please note that we have a minimum hire order of $250 

Riedel 'O'  Shiraz
620ml (20)
Riedel Riesling
370ml (24)
Riedel Magnum Red
530ml (20)
Riedel Shiraz
650ml (20)
Riedel Champagne
260ml (24)
Riedel 'O' Riesling
370ml (48)
Riedel Cabernet
610ml (20)
Riedel Pinot Noir
700ml (12)
Syrah Decanter
Spiegelau Lager
560ml (24)
Riedel 'O' Champagne
264ml (48)
Riedel Water Glass
330ml (40)

Emphasize the wine you serve with our elite range of Riedel glassware; each line crafted to suit the variety of wine on offer. Try our ever popular Stemless 'O' range at your next wine tasting or celebration.

Please note there may be some variations in product scale - refer to product measurements for actual size